2014.03.12. Capitol Hill.

Music is so magical.

After the ‪#‎doublegigday‬ I went to grab a bottle of water while waiting for the bus. The gas station attendant, noticing my guitar, asked me to play a song, so I did, for which he discounted me a dollar. There were 2 cops hanging around, who were enthusiastic about the music and started tipping me.

Then, the gas station attendant started telling me about how he came here from India on a student visa, which he secured through being a professional singer. He showed me videos of himself, videos of his teacher, and then he told me to accompany him! I told him I had to catch a bus, and then the cops said that if it was a problem, they’d be happy to give me a ride home.

So we began to play, and the cops continued to tip, and the cops and I went on our way. They are apparently big music fans, and so we talked about that a bunch and I turned them onto Mulatu Astatke. We drive around for a while, and then we eventually made my way way home. We had so much fun, we took some selfies!!

And my roommate was a grump, as usual, so he threw a wet blanket on me- but- my students have taught me very much lately to just Shake It Off. ‪#‎music‬‪#‎ftw‬

2014.12.09. Capitol Hill.

Hey folks! I’d love to see you at some of my upcoming gigs this month:

12/10- Going in with some solo nylon-string action at the Milagro Cantina, 7-10

12/11- Warming up Pioneer Square with Delilah Beaucoup at Cafe Paloma, 7-10

12/12- Back at the Milagro Cantina, throwing some tune-dice with Anna Boydon violin. I will not be on violin, but on nylon-string guitar.

12/13- Chicharra Tango will be playing at Dance Underground in Capitol Hill. The milonga starts at 7:30, lessons available beforehand for those who’d like. I will be performing on the nylon guitar and also singing some tangos.

12/18- I am so incredibly proud and honored to be premiering a piece I have composed and arranged for the Seattle Rock Orchestra‘s chamber orchestra, on which I will be singing. This show starts at 8 at The Chapel at the Good Shepherd Center. More info here:https://www.facebook.com/events/326700337501955/

12/19- Chicharra Tango takes the stage for our first time at The Pink Door! 9-12

12/20- I will be performing some jazzy lil’ arrangements of holiday tunes for electric guitar at the Castillo De Feliciana Vineyard & Winery – Woodinville Tasting Room 6-9.

Following which, I will be out of town until 12/30.

12/31- I am uncertain as to wether or not I’ll be playing, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. And if there’s anything dope going on, let me know.

2014.08.01, near evening

Quedo en el espejo de tus ojos

Perdido contra la lluvia y el sol

Otra vez, recuerdo su nombre

Cantando en el callejon



Mi familia, caminamos lento

Alfondo la suda y sangre

Buscamos, graspano las lagrimas

Por algo a limpiar nuestras mismas



Dijimos que somos nuertra tierra

Vez y vez y vez y nunca

Entiendieron, porque tu Alma

Nunca miraste tu misma en la lluvia



En el calle, suena una esperanza

De una isla de fe, perdido

Y veo en cada corazon,

Una espeja, quedando cantando

2014.01.29. Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.

HoneyMoonTreePoster 8.5x11 largeHappy new year, internet world, and sorry for the silence. I’ve struggling beneath the weight of school, and I’m becoming stronger, but it’s also becoming heavier. I won’t go into too much detail with the happenings, but I can say this about my work in music:

February 28th at The Chapel at the Good shepherd Center, Seattle, WA: I will be premiering a sweet of chamber works with my ensemble, The Ancient Present, and will be sharing the bill with Honey.Moon.Tree. (who is having their album release party) and Dawn Clement. Doors at 7PM. Bring a crew, it will be very rad.

2013.07.17 I-87, New York

I look at the news and I see signs of grave sickness. People, the world we live in and the world we are creating is very ill. Unless we prioritize a more balanced and harmonious, wholistic life and world within our day to day life, the space for it will continue to shrink.

Aside from the immediate tragedies in the headlines, and the social and economics tends of the past half century or so, my concern is that unless we act now to restore our liberties, our rights, and assume a greater agency in our own lives, we may loose that blessing for generations, or maybe ever. We are a young culture with very much promise, but failing to embrace the fullness of that responsibility and are failing to recognize the uniqueness of it.

Our 1st world issues are the masquerade of our prescribed social narratives, while in truth we are searching for some way out of our masks to see more clearly the world beyond our own. We are seeking catharsis and healing, but we are bound by our confusion and self-dissociation that we have been taught to practice.

2013.06.04 Orcas Island

This cage the place they come to stay safe
My ribs are a sanctuary for secrets
I am an outsider still
They come to me, it seems this is where we belong

I am someone without a face to claim
My my name, my name is mine.
Michaud Savage.
I stand, a king of stones, a master of solids.
Animal, man, mineral

Someday, someday, someday and not a day too soon we will find each other
And these wayward spirits whose safety I foster,
Your light will bring them to their bodies
And maybe I will have a place I belong.

2013.04.14. Seattle, WA

I owe a soulful bow to Eric Banks and The Esoterics, who this Sunday brought me to tears, then into a full wailing cry with Privilege.


I swear I’m a musician, and I am also helping to produce Danse Infernale, the fundraiser kick-off for Nova Audeo (a new dare), a night at Benaroya Hall featuring original works by Evan Flory-Barnes and Hanna Benn. It is a great joy and honor to work with such fine composers on such a beautiful event! Come join us May 29th at West Hall in the Century Ballroom to kick things off.

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