20191113- 50 Mistakes I Made In My Music Career, In No Particular Order

50 Mistakes I made in my music career, in no particular order: 1) Not recording and backing up work properly 2) Leaving gear in the car 3) Talking about work too much instead of doing it. 4) Losing journals. 5) Not scheduling enough time to make the work. 6) Not scheduling enough time to learnContinue reading “20191113- 50 Mistakes I Made In My Music Career, In No Particular Order”

2017.04.26. To the tune of A Change Is Gonna Come.

I’m moving. I’ll be leaving Seattle on May 31 on a flight to Berlin. From there, I don’t know where I’ll be going, but I am doing what I can to get a visa there, or somewhere in the EU. If you, or somebody you know might be able to help with this process, pleaseContinue reading “2017.04.26. To the tune of A Change Is Gonna Come.”

2016.12.02 South Lake Union, Seattle, WA.

This evening reminds me of why music matters. It can seem trivial so often, and especially in the lines I work through to pay my bills, my work feels novel at best. Sometimes the conditions are less desirable, as was the case this evening. But tonight this thing happened, which happens only a few timesContinue reading “2016.12.02 South Lake Union, Seattle, WA.”

2016.09.21- Capitol Hill, WA.

Come see some of me in the music making this week! Sometimes even with others!!! Thursday: I’ll be conveying some pro-sumer level vibes at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) for the travelers- keeping it cooooool.#Tremellow. #professionalgradevibes. Friday- same. Except that I’ll also be singing along the way. I’m not just all fingers, you know… Saturday: #doublegigdayContinue reading “2016.09.21- Capitol Hill, WA.”