2015 in Review

Seeing as I did a wonderful job of not posting a single post in 2015, I figured I’d start 2016 with 2 posts, and one of which ought to be a year in review.


At the top pf 2015, I was getting some traction with the financial stability, exiting the tails of a traumatizing later-2014, and was playing some tangos, some jazz, and some classical music. Around the New Year, I had my first gig performing with Marina Christopher, which quickly made itself apparent that there was going to be a bunch of musical fun in this year and gave creation to Duo Michma. Also around the New Year, Amy Denio and myself, drunkenly late one night decided to compose some music for a set ensemble, and that sparked off the large-format, 16 piece Ancient Present reading session, which would become a monthly event for the next half-year. Around the time this came to a conclusion, in August, I was on Orcas Island with Sara Thompsen and Jennifer Bruner, who suggested I reach out to Mirta Wymerszberg. With also similarly good luck, shortly after our first jam we were booked for a gig and ended up creating Sol Del Noche, our tango duo. The last of my musical collaborations, which has been a long time coming, developed in November with Andrew Joslyn, for the case of playing some holiday music together.


2015 was a year of great musical beginnings, and also the beginning of some returns. In September, I transitioned from being Secretary with the Seattle Composers Alliance into the position of Executive Director. In December, I finally released my first record, Easy Moods, which is a task I actively set out to accomplish in 2011. The earliest of those recordings dates back to Spring of 2014, and the most recent if taken from this past summer. It’s been very educational and challenging along the way, and the result is that I feel that now, more than any other time in my life, I am finally gaining a sense of clarity and strength in my abilities as a musician, and a way seems to be presenting itself.


I can do this. Let’s make it good, 2016.


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