2013.07.17 I-87, New York

I look at the news and I see signs of grave sickness. People, the world we live in and the world we are creating is very ill. Unless we prioritize a more balanced and harmonious, wholistic life and world within our day to day life, the space for it will continue to shrink.

Aside from the immediate tragedies in the headlines, and the social and economics tends of the past half century or so, my concern is that unless we act now to restore our liberties, our rights, and assume a greater agency in our own lives, we may loose that blessing for generations, or maybe ever. We are a young culture with very much promise, but failing to embrace the fullness of that responsibility and are failing to recognize the uniqueness of it.

Our 1st world issues are the masquerade of our prescribed social narratives, while in truth we are searching for some way out of our masks to see more clearly the world beyond our own. We are seeking catharsis and healing, but we are bound by our confusion and self-dissociation that we have been taught to practice.


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