2014.12.09. Capitol Hill.

Hey folks! I’d love to see you at some of my upcoming gigs this month:

12/10- Going in with some solo nylon-string action at the Milagro Cantina, 7-10

12/11- Warming up Pioneer Square with Delilah Beaucoup at Cafe Paloma, 7-10

12/12- Back at the Milagro Cantina, throwing some tune-dice with Anna Boydon violin. I will not be on violin, but on nylon-string guitar.

12/13- Chicharra Tango will be playing at Dance Underground in Capitol Hill. The milonga starts at 7:30, lessons available beforehand for those who’d like. I will be performing on the nylon guitar and also singing some tangos.

12/18- I am so incredibly proud and honored to be premiering a piece I have composed and arranged for the Seattle Rock Orchestra‘s chamber orchestra, on which I will be singing. This show starts at 8 at The Chapel at the Good Shepherd Center. More info here:https://www.facebook.com/events/326700337501955/

12/19- Chicharra Tango takes the stage for our first time at The Pink Door! 9-12

12/20- I will be performing some jazzy lil’ arrangements of holiday tunes for electric guitar at the Castillo De Feliciana Vineyard & Winery – Woodinville Tasting Room 6-9.

Following which, I will be out of town until 12/30.

12/31- I am uncertain as to wether or not I’ll be playing, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. And if there’s anything dope going on, let me know.


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