2014.03.12. Capitol Hill.

Music is so magical.

After the ‪#‎doublegigday‬ I went to grab a bottle of water while waiting for the bus. The gas station attendant, noticing my guitar, asked me to play a song, so I did, for which he discounted me a dollar. There were 2 cops hanging around, who were enthusiastic about the music and started tipping me.

Then, the gas station attendant started telling me about how he came here from India on a student visa, which he secured through being a professional singer. He showed me videos of himself, videos of his teacher, and then he told me to accompany him! I told him I had to catch a bus, and then the cops said that if it was a problem, they’d be happy to give me a ride home.

So we began to play, and the cops continued to tip, and the cops and I went on our way. They are apparently big music fans, and so we talked about that a bunch and I turned them onto Mulatu Astatke. We drive around for a while, and then we eventually made my way way home. We had so much fun, we took some selfies!!

And my roommate was a grump, as usual, so he threw a wet blanket on me- but- my students have taught me very much lately to just Shake It Off. ‪#‎music‬‪#‎ftw‬


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