With dust

your deft grip emblazoned my wrist and face

in a brand

, the hot smell of a burning.


My wanting did more to destroy me than you ever could

with dreams, and fantasies, litling phrases

and the





It was the the day before yesterday I thought about

crying, and how it was like making liquid of a tree

where the growth of branches just

floods away, and then




I was reminded of pruning shears.

After a growth has been removed, another so easily comes back

(the tall sky reaching ones are called suckers)

bearing no seeming memory of the excision,

but the history is evident.


I was reminded of sand.

How it gets into your shoes and hair,


and the sound it makes with the shore.


Oh, and then there’s computers.

12.07.02 Virginia Beach, VA

Some simple infallicy

a weathered hand in memory’s reach

where the sting’s left it’s mark, callous strong keeps

Thermal Noise sings as we breathe.


A clear mind is a beautiful thing

Who in Sight Shows Peace

I can meet you when you can meet me

but when it’s only one half, the other fails to Be.


I won’t wedge

my thoughts into your thinking

except for when I’m worn away

and the truth is shining.


A rest

Between consonants

Make the



Each of these constellations may be consolations

because of the widsom we found only with each other

we have been able to go our separate ways,

creating stories that have never been.

12.06.03 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Could it be, something so easy, as a life of simplicity?

And is it ever so easy as I imagine it to be?

I must be dreaming, to be thinking such a thing.



I’ve felt your toxicity sink into me

I would kiss your cheek, and you’d be smiling

It would stick with me, I can feel that kiss still with me

A plea from the soon-to-be deceased where words can’t do a thing.

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