2013.07.17 I-87, New York

I look at the news and I see signs of grave sickness. People, the world we live in and the world we are creating is very ill. Unless we prioritize a more balanced and harmonious, wholistic life and world within our day to day life, the space for it will continue to shrink.

Aside from the immediate tragedies in the headlines, and the social and economics tends of the past half century or so, my concern is that unless we act now to restore our liberties, our rights, and assume a greater agency in our own lives, we may loose that blessing for generations, or maybe ever. We are a young culture with very much promise, but failing to embrace the fullness of that responsibility and are failing to recognize the uniqueness of it.

Our 1st world issues are the masquerade of our prescribed social narratives, while in truth we are searching for some way out of our masks to see more clearly the world beyond our own. We are seeking catharsis and healing, but we are bound by our confusion and self-dissociation that we have been taught to practice.

2013.06.04 Orcas Island

This cage the place they come to stay safe
My ribs are a sanctuary for secrets
I am an outsider still
They come to me, it seems this is where we belong

I am someone without a face to claim
My my name, my name is mine.
Michaud Savage.
I stand, a king of stones, a master of solids.
Animal, man, mineral

Someday, someday, someday and not a day too soon we will find each other
And these wayward spirits whose safety I foster,
Your light will bring them to their bodies
And maybe I will have a place I belong.

2013.04.14. Seattle, WA

I owe a soulful bow to Eric Banks and The Esoterics, who this Sunday brought me to tears, then into a full wailing cry with Privilege.


I swear I’m a musician, and I am also helping to produce Danse Infernale, the fundraiser kick-off for Nova Audeo (a new dare), a night at Benaroya Hall featuring original works by Evan Flory-Barnes and Hanna Benn. It is a great joy and honor to work with such fine composers on such a beautiful event! Come join us May 29th at West Hall in the Century Ballroom to kick things off.

2013.01.23 Seattle, WA.

I am pleased to announce this upcoming show:Image

Here you can get more information about the event, but, for the sake of SEO’s, Come check out this show at The  Barrelhaven with Honey.Moon.Tree, Jasper T, Midnight Parade, The Parade Schedule, and myself. Bring a friend, bring some monies, and bring the great best out in you. It is Actually Located at 852 NW 85th St Seattle, WA 98117.

Also, I’m currently volunteering with the Seattle Composer’s Alliance to co-coordinate a fundraiser on April 2nd at The Royal Room. We are looking for artists to some and share a few songs with us throughout the night. On the bill so far are:

Andre Feriante

Aslan Rife

Jasper Tollefson

and more to come……

2013.01.09 Seattle, WA.

Starting the Sunday before Thanksgiving I took a 2-week job to handle and transport to and from Miami. 36 days and 30 state lines later, with 5 days off, I made it back to Seattle where I will be staying. LA, it was a sweet and short affair, may we meet again in not so long, yet not too soon.


And Seattle, I’m back! I have upcoming shows which I will be sure to post as they emerge. For now, I will be playing January 26th at Le Voyeur in Olympia with Swansea.

2012.11.09. Los Angeles, CA.

A new place, an old climate, more music. I’ve left Orcas for now and, after 2 weeks in Seattle, have made my way to Los Angeles. I don’t recall Seattle ever being so good to me as the last 2 weeks ago I spent there. Thanks to Justin Froese and Adra Boo for their time and inviting me to collaborate on the Etta James tribute project. Also, thanks to Diane for opening up Township 14 in Olympia, WA for a night of music with Justin, Derek M Johnson, and myself.

It’s made me sad to leave so soon, but such is life. Now, onto more recording and writing. Now that I am here, I am looking to put together a chamber ensemble for the writing and performing. If you want to play, come join me.



2012.08.17 Orcas Island

Beyond reason and doubt and judgement and sides

Is the cool night in the trees

Where you can see time in a timeless way

WIth the night as bright as day


Where a sweet murmur becomes song,

Where love is a chorus

With the people and the trees

Everybody gets healed with their seeing.


I have seen this sacred place

And hope you can see it too

And if you do

Come meet me.

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