2016.09.21- Capitol Hill, WA.

Come see some of me in the music making this week! Sometimes even with others!!!

Thursday: I’ll be conveying some pro-sumer level vibes at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) for the travelers- keeping it cooooool.#Tremellow. #professionalgradevibes.

Friday- same. Except that I’ll also be singing along the way. I’m not just all fingers, you know…

Saturday: #doublegigday ! Underneath of Sophia Wheelwright‘s Suspended Eddies, I’ll be performing the Departures suite again, and for what will probably be the last time (for at the least quite while) down at Occidental Square from 4-6. Featuring Alex Guy, Janet Utterback, Michael Watson, Nick Pozoulakis, and Rose Fininha Gear.https://www.facebook.com/events/182155748881388/

AAAANNNNDDD then I’m heading to the residence of Mark Ulises Chavezand Christian Pincock to perform some solo works for classical guitar and voice. I believe this is open to the public, and y’all are welcomed. Probably wouldn’t hurt to RSVP. https://www.facebook.com/events/1238251129538521/

Sunday: The Seattle Composers Alliance hold’s it’s first official open reading down at THE ROYAL ROOM rom 1-4. Featuring pieces for a chamber orchestra of 16 by Stan LePard, Susan Maughlin Wood, and a special guest. Come hear composers talk with performers about compositions, idiomatic stuff for instruments, and hear the beautiful sounds of strings, winds, brass, and sticks/mallets. https://www.facebook.com/events/183321422102981/


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