2019.10.16. Aaaaaaand I’m back!

Hello my people,

I’m alive and kicking! And I’m stoked to be able to make this—-wait, wait, wait. I need to do a little explaining for the years of radio silence.


Okay, so first, my bad. I moved to Berlin and it was more than a little hard. the first few months went really well and the follow year or so was just really challenging. I got run over. I got sick a lot. I was financial issues. I developed issues with my hand. But then it got better. I started teaching some piano lessons, got to travel a bit. But I still moved a lot. I was in Berlin for 18 months, and I moved 14 times. It was a lot. About every 3 weeks I would fall sick…..I don’t want to dwell on it too much because it was unpleasant, but I was also very much shaped by this time. It was hard. That said, Berlin was also an amazing place where I was constantly encountering the unexpected, art studios and work spaces in underground spaces the size of buildings, doors behind doors through alleyways where live music starts around 23h on a Friday and stops around 6h on the following Monday, clubs for all type of activities…. Even as much change as I understand it to have gone through in the last decade or so, it is still full of magic and adventure and debauchery.

So maybe I was a bit distracted by it all. Also, Berlin is a place where they know what it is like to have a militarized police state and don’t trust the internet the same way that Americans do. Maintaining an internet presence isn’t a thing people do as much. I mean, there are some who do, but the average person is not nearly as connected to the internet as we are. For example, I got a flip phone and prepaid cards so that I could talk with my friends who only had flip phones. And there were enough of them that this became a thing!!!!!!

Anyhow, I came back to the States in November for birthday and to visit some sick family. During this time, my grandfather- the most father-like figure in my life- was diagnosed with a very advanced form of cancer and given about 5 days to live. He lived another month and a half. This was a massive blow for me, and I decided that I didn’t need to be 9 timezones and a language away from the world I know, the people I love, my home. So I stayed on the trip and still have yet to return to Germany. Und Ich vermisse Berlin, jeden Tag.

So I needed some time to put my self and my life back together. It hasn’t been the most beautiful process or time, but I’ve reached a new phase of being with all of it, and I’m on some new shit. It feels good. “But what does that even mean?” you ask? I am so glad you asked!

First and foremost, is this show I’m working on for February 29, 2020. Through the support of Nonsequitur and the Wayward Music Series, I will be presenting Assorted Chambers: works by Michaud Savage, which will be a collection of pieces I’m writing, centered on my perspective and experience as a fourth generation Seattlelite. I will be joined in performing these pieces by Jordan Voelker, Heather Bentley, Maria Scherer Wilson, and Ross Gilliland. I’m pretty stoked, tbh. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Speaking of happens, what happened with the record of classical guitar music you were gonna put out? Well, I foolishly did not record it before I took off to Berlin and now am working on carving out time to get back into the proper playing condition to make it. Just give it a little time. Stuff is gonna happen. Right now, I’m still playing a fair bit of catch up with myself and and need time to get mah $#!+ together. Which means getting work together into recorded form, which I will release onto the streaming platforms. And make some videos for. If you would like to support me in that process, I warmly welcome you to shoot me some money on Venmo (@michaud-savage), subscribing to my Patreon, or hire me to play for you or take some lessons from me (look at the rates tab).

Anyhow, this is a lot of talking about making art and not in an especially artistic way, so I’mma go get back to living that life I proclaim to be about.

OH! And before I go, take note that I’ll be playing on the Earshot Jazz Festival with Grace Love this coming Saturday, October 19. Check the link for more info. And this is kinda special because I am pretty sure this is Grace’s first show since having a baby.

And take note- in March I’m going to be taking off on tour down to LA. But more about that next week.



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