Composer, guitarist and performer Michaud Savage is a working musician based in Berlin, Germany. As a solo and ensemble guitarist, Michaud is comfortable working in a wide spectrum of musical styles, including but not limited to jazz, classical, tango, rock, blues, rhythm and blues, latin folkloric music, and whatever other musical frontiers he happens upon. As a composer, his work includes compositions for chamber ensembles, orchestra, electronics, Max/MSP, and performance art.

In addition to solo performance, Michaud regular plays in a tango duo with Mirta Wymerszberg, is half of Duo Michma, leads The Ancient Present- a chamber orchestra performing new works- and is an auxilary member of Correo Aereo. In the past, he has served as musical director of the Tuesday Tease house band, was a regular guitarist for Bissou (focusing on French jazz and standards from the 1920’s-30’s). Over the years, he has had the honor and pleasure to work with Adam TullyRamiro Gallohoney.moon.treePaintings for AnimalsJustin FroeseAdra BooBeth FleenorEvan Flory-BarnesHeather BentleyDawn Clement, the Seattle Rock OrchestraChicharra TangoBen Thomas, Matt Weiner , Dana Wen, Amy DenioOkanamode SoulChildeBrad HawkinsAhamefule J. OluoWayne HorvitzJakob PekAmmon Swinbank, and many others.

Michaud studied at the Cornish College of the Arts with Emily DoolittleJim Knapp, and Michael Nicolella. Michaud’s studies beyond Cornish include time at The Evergreen State College, where his studies with Terry SetterBen KamenArun Chandra, and Sean Williams included an emphasis in Consciousness Studies and Music.

Michaud’s relationship with music began early on, singing in a choir and later playing in a youth orchestra. With the help of his grandfather he began playing guitar when he was 11, and quickly adopted this as his main instrument. Throughout high school, Michaud played in the school jazz band on both bass and electric guitar. Towards the end of this time, he started playing with honey.moon.tree, as well as Paintings for Animals, deepening his roots into rock music and expanding it into more experimental territories. Shortly thereafter, Michaud began to develop his work with the classical guitar and moved to South America to pursue a study of music, specializing in folkloric and indigenous music. After a year of study, Michaud returned to the United States and  continued on to form a series of bands and ensembles in the roles of composer, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist.

In addition to a full schedule of performances and his work as a guitarist and composer, Michaud is a music educator, teaching guitar, bass, piano, voice, music theory, and composition.