20200607 Open letter to Seattle City Council

June 7, 2020

Dear City Council Members,

This email, I am sure, comes along with many others, and so I will be brief with my words. After the Seattle Police Department’s repeated unprovoked use of force, defiance of orders, and militarized response to peaceful protests, as endorsed publicly and otherwise by Mayor Jenny Durkan, I submit this letter in request of the defunding of the Seattle Police Department, as well as her resignation and/or impeachment. These funds must be invested back into the Black communities that they have been forcefully harvested from, by increasing funding for health and social services.


We engage in these civil acts as expressions of a commitment to a social contract, which we are now being denied party to and humiliated in pursuing. This corrosion has endured far longer than any of the contract’s signatories must bear and it has reached new extremes, with the Seattle Police Department’s paranoid aggression of Saturday evening, against a candle. And somehow, on day 1 of Mayor Jenny Durkan’s 30-day ban on tear gas, we were tear gassed, pepper sprayed, and had explosives launched against us. This cannot stand.


This is not a society one can thrive in, and yet here we are.


For those of you who cannot support defunding the Seattle Police Department, while the city faces a ~$400 million budget deficit due to the coronavirus pandemic, while also looking to cut 15-20% from city offices which provide social, health, and educational services to the taxpayers who have elected you; we will know you do not stand with us, as these acts of violence were decisively waged against us. We will know you choose to not advocate for our general welfare, or our pursuit of life, liberty, or happiness.


We see you.



Michaud Savage

One thought on “20200607 Open letter to Seattle City Council

  1. I Listened to your piece – Wayward Music In Limbo number 34. I was very moved and inspired by that performance. It was amazing. Thank you so much. Keep going. You may remember me. I met you when I worked at Dusty Strings.

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